Lidia Tohar

Drawing from her background in Illustration and Fashion Design – Lidia’s work often centers upon the figurative exploration of the female form in all its guises.

But you will not find her interrogations of femininity a template from which female identity is standardized – instead, her art offers a departure from received modes of representing the feminine. Utilizing her rich exploration of symbolism, Lidia creates imagined worlds that re-map and re-envision interior landscapes in a culture preoccupied with the surface of things.

Inspirations are diverse and include: the art of Matisse, O’Keefe, Kandinsky & Picasso; the fashion of Yves Saint Laurent; the photography of Karl Blossfeldt; Hollywood musicals; nature in all its forms – especially the Tropics; childhood; world music; memory and her world travels.

Lidia works in Acrylics, Watercolor, Pastels & Indian ink. She is an award winning photographer and is available for Commissions, Portraits and Personal Sittings. 

My work is all about feeling and how translates to color, symbol and mood. Art for me is another form of reality that always leads me to new places and a greater sense of discovery, balance and happiness.”

International multi-media artist Lidia Tohar was raised in southern California. From early childhood Lidia’s talents in the arts were noticed by her family, friends and teachers. She calls her style of painting intuitively modern fusion due to her extensive background in fine art, fashion illustration and photography. Art is a story that keeps evolving and reinventing itself through our personal vision and the world around us.

My art for me is my voice and sanctuary. It is a place of dreams and of many possibilities. One of my favorite sayings is “if you can dream it then you are half away there.” My work is heavily influenced by my travels around the world, music, nature and the old Hollywood glamour. As for artist influence, Matisse, Picasso and Kandinsky are just a few.

Several years ago as I began recovering from a health crisis, I decided to open Studio 101 in Delray Beach. I am a great believer in therapeutic power that art can contribute.

Art is a great tool one can use in the healing process to motivate and stimulate self-esteem and personal happiness. The journey of art is one very exciting path. Through the creative process one can always find a way and a solution.

Education & Continuing Studies

  • Otis Parsons, LA.
  • Parsons Art Institute, NYC.
  • Art Student League, NYC.
  • Montclair Museum of Art, NJ.
  • Valy Studio Gallery, Montclair, NJ.
  • Lincoln Road Art Center, Miami, FL.
  • Pam Beach Photographic Center, Delray Beach, FL.

Employment History

  • Fashion Illustrator, Tobe Report Magazine 1993-94
  • Art Teacher, Deerfield after school program, Short Hills, NJ. 1996-97
  • Studio Ceramist,  West Orange, NJ. 1995-2000
  • Studio Artist, Prairie Ave, South Beach, Miami, FL. 2000-02
  • Art Teacher, Milagro Center, Delray Beach, FL. 2002-03
  • Studio Showroom Creation Design Center, Delray Beach, FL. 2001-02
  • Owner of Art Circle Art Gallery, Delray Beach, FL. 2003-05
  • Studio Artist & Photographer, Showroom by appointment, Delray each, FL. 2005-to present