Lidia Tohar: “An Intuitive Modernist”

Lidia Tohar

The Art and Photography of Lidia Tohar has journeyed far under the sun and occasionally in its shadows. Born in Cuba in 1964, Lidia’s family fled the Castro regime when she was 7 years old and resettled in Hollywood, CA, where she was raised. Following a career in fashion retail, Lidia’s art changed focus after traveling in Europe where her interest in Fine Art emerged. Inspired by her travels and following her return to the USA, Lidia embarked on her studies in Illustration at Otis Parsons in LA. an later Parsons Art Institute, in New York.

Now from her Studio in South Florida, Lidia’s work explores her
Caribbean heritage by fusing her personal story of displacement and return within the framework of an emerging American life. She describes her art as an ‘intuitive modernist’, one that foregrounds the search for self in a fragmentary world of flux, change, loss and ultimate transformation.  Lidia’s vibrant and bold use of color illuminates her subjects in much the same way as light hits a stained glass window; there is both a spiritual and physical illumination at the core of her artistic expression  a dialogue between the inner landscape of the psyche and the outer reality of the physical world.


Lidia Tohar Painting

My Book

“Celebrating the female form with colors and words”

A book that is more than just art it is poetry colors and the female form in diverse hues, colors and shape.
The books also talks about color and art. It is not just s book about art it is poetry, Art and colors all done by me including the photos .

Hard Cover $19.99 / Soft Cover $14.99


These are some of Lidia’s paintings

Lidia’s Gallery

Studio 101
Lidia Tohar Studio 101
Lidia Tohar Studio 101
Lidia Tohar Studio 101

Studio 101 is a colorful, organic loft I created through my personal vision Of colors and designs. My intention with this Studio was to be able to reach people and guide them on a journey of self-discovery through the senses.

My Shop features an exciting selection of gift items that can be used for multiple functions: such as decorating interior spaces, personal Use or for spiritual wellness.

Art is about transformation, color, light and energy I take this philosophy and I blend it in a functional way so that everyone can afford original and unique gift Items that will speak to them in a language that is not out of reach or unaffordable.

Studio 101 is an assortment of all of this multiple functions and more making it a shopping creative lifestyle of many blend and elements that gives shoppers and art collectors a wide range of choices to pick from at all times for things that are rare , unique and with good sense of spirit and style.

A life style destination for a fun shopping creative experience.

Studio 101 Location