Soul Portrait

Lidia meets with initial client
And once she has gather enough
Energetic information either through a photo or the presence of client .
She will take two weeks to work on the soul Portrait drawing .
The soul Portrait drawing is done by going into a trance-like state of meditation in which messages are channeled by way of visual artistic renderings with very significant symbolic images and specific colors that apply to the specific individuals soul ‘s commitments in this life time by delivering through the drawing important past life moments relating to special skills , gifts and essential spiritual qualities and strength. During past life intuitive passages it is possible to connect with ancestors spirits , spirit guides as also ascended beings , and as well soul lessons . We connect those other life time reference to what is currently happening in present time in way of personal experiences and or challenges to help client evolve by way of awareness ,spiritual growth and personal insights . The future is also expressed in possible outcomes that through the visual will demonstrate clients highest point of potentials and personal ideal realized based on point of clarity through clients own soul directed goals , desires , talents , dreams and mission or purpose in this life time . The soul drawing serves as a backdrop of personal support and illuminating memories of who we really are being of eternal divine light .